Is a Runwaysite For You?

Spring is the time for new beginnings: flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, baby animals are wobbling around, companies are getting Runwaysites. You read that right. Runwaysite websites are an affordable way to update an old website with a fresh and professional new look, to get found on search engines, and to provide accurate and current information to your customers.

Runwaysites have myriad uses, for small to medium-sized businesses. They are perfect to develop a much-needed presence on search engines, and to have a place to direct traffic to from a Facebook page. Because they are both mobile and Google friendly, your users will be able to easily find and navigate your website on any device.

Businesses hosting or attending large events, like those in the tourism industry, can use a Runwaysite as a call-to-action for the event. Instead of directing traffic to their full website, and then to a specific calendar event, a Runwaysite with an event-specific URL is much easier for the hosts to promote and the attendees to find. Because these sites are fully customizable, the header, color scheme, and/or logo can all remain consistent with the full website, but have its own content geared towards the event. Similarly, when attending conferences or trade shows, Runwaysites can be used to get key details front and center, but still provide more in-depth company information on a full, separate website.

Small retailers that want to sell their product, but don't have the need or funds for a full e-commerce site can benefit from having the online presence with a Runwaysite. Through this avenue, they can market their product, and build awareness for their brand, while directing sales through a third party provider such as Etsy or Shopify. Traffic can be directed from a Facebook page to give the consumer more information about the products, and then sent to the sales site.

While Runwaysites may seem to be most beneficial to small businesses, medium-sized companies can also use these, especially during a transitional period. Perhaps a business does not have the need or funds for a full website right away, but knows they will in the future. Runwaysites are the perfect stepping stone. Your brand will build its online presence, or get a professional-looking upgrade to an old site to attract the customers your businesses wants and deserves. When it comes time to transitioning into a full site, a Runwaysite can still be used as an event website to ensure the original investment remains useful.

Interested in a Runwaysite? Take a look at some sites to get an idea of what yours could look like.

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Spring Cleaning - Your Website

Spring symbolizes fresh starts, new life blooming, and rejuvenation. We open up the windows, let in some fresh air, and enjoy the sunshine (we're waiting, Mother Nature). Once we open those windows, we usually start Spring cleaning the house or garage after months of being closed up. So why should you treat your website be any differently? Clean up your site for Spring, and give it a refreshed feel. Not sure what needs to be spruced up? We've got some ideas for you.


First, take a look at your calendar or events page. Is it littered with past or expired events? Update your calendar or events to remove any irrelevant or old information, and add any upcoming events. Your calendar will feel less cluttered, by only showing current information, and it will be it easier for your users to navigate.

Once your events are modified, you will need to ensure re-directs are put into place for the former event URLs, preferably re-directing the URL to the main event or calendar page. This will prevent the original event URLs from developing into 404 errors.

Meta Tags

Next, take time to review your site's metas. Have they been updated recently? Do they accurately reflect your website's content? If the answer to either of these questions is "no," go ahead and revise them. Ideal meta title length is about 50-60 characters, and ideal description length is 150-160 characters. Use this time to also re-visit your meta keywords. Can they be paired down? Are there more accurate terms you could be using, or are there less relevant terms you can eliminate?

While you're working with your metas, now is the time for a few more changes. Do your inside pages have individual metas? No? Consider adding them. Google is taking these into account for rankings more than they had previously. If your inside pages don't contain their own metas, they are defaulted to your site's overall metas, which in Google's eyes means duplicate content. And we all know what duplicate content can mean for Search rankings.

Like your overall metas, work to keep titles between 50-60 characters and descriptions between 150-160 characters. However, when writing these, don't worry about keywords for each page. Keywords are proving to be of less importance, especially on individual pages. 

Search Console

Lastly, keep an eye on your Google Search Console account, especially after making the above updates to your site. If there are any errors showing up, 404s from expired events or otherwise, get some re-directs added, and then mark as "fixed." Your "crawl errors" pages (desktop and smartphone) will be cleaned up in no time. Check out the HTML improvements tab to see how your website's content is doing. Here you will find if you have any problems with your metas, such as: duplicate meta descriptions or title tags, too long or too short descriptions or titles, and missing or non-informative title tags. You can also see if there is any non-indexable content on any of your pages under this tab.

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Ridgeview Liquor: A Case Study

When Ridgeview Liquor came to us, they were in the midst of building their new store. Their current website needed some improvements, and they needed a fast turn-around time to coincide with their store's re-opening. It was important they could showcase their new location, inside and out, as well as their passion for and knowledge of craft beer and wine. Our solution was to build them a Runwaysite to fill the need of getting a site quickly, and to build a full site further down the road.
With their Runwaysite, they are able to easily update store pictures, any specials or promotions they are running, and prominently display hours and location through Content Management Tools.

With Ridgeview in their new location, they wanted to ensure people knew where they were located, and what the change meant for their customers. DMI helped with their local search listing and updated search engines with their new address. DMI is also assisting with Facebook management, updating their images to coincide with their new site, and to let Ridgeview's customers know what is happening in store.

If you consider yourself a craft beer or wine enthusiast, or if you're up to trying new beers, Ridgeview Liquor should be on your list of shops to check out. Stop in to say hi at 2202 S. Ridge Rd. in Green Bay, and be sure to visit

Three Times Your Business Needs A Professional

If you are a business owner, chances are there has been a time that you've asked yourself if you really need to hire someone to help you with a project, or if you can manage it on your own. While there is certainly a time and place for autonomy, there are also instances when you should hire a professional to ensure you work is just that - professional. When it comes to Marketing and your website, we have three times that your business needs to work with a professional in the field.

Updating Your Graphics

With so many easy and cheap graphics programs out there, it may be tempting to do them yourself. There is a real artistry to graphic design, though. Invest the money in someone who is trained in the field and has the experience. Graphic Design Artists have a real eye for color palettes, clean and crisp images, and are good resources for staying current with industry trends. Save yourself the headache and hire a Graphic Artist for your design work.

Staying Informed

When you want to stay informed in your Marketing efforts, your best bet is to maintain strong relationships or partnerships with a consultant. Consultants will share knowledge about on industry regulation changes or standards updates to keep you in the loop on news you may not otherwise know, or have the time to research on your own. These partnerships can either keep you ahead of the game (and your competition!) or ensure your site stays up-to-date, keeping it both secure and working properly. 


The world and rules of Internet Marketing and Advertising changes every day. If you've ever followed Search Engine Land on Twitter, you'll know what we're talking about. It can be hard to keep up on the constant evolution of Google alone, not to mention other players in the Search game like Yahoo or Bing. We know just how big of an undertaking SEO is; we have someone in house whose job is dedicated to managing campaigns and staying current with the daily updates. There are so many components to maintaining an SEO campaign. Instead of trying to tread the waters solo, trust someone to know how to maneuver the components in a way that results in success for you.

Here at DMI, we not only work to provide services to our clients, but also the knowledge needed to keep their business successful. We make sure to have open lines of communication to keep our clients informed of new standards, social and search algorithm updates and changes, and new areas of focus for search engines to keep all campaigns running smoothly. We also work in a rebranding capacity, assisting clients with logo changes and re-defining their vision or brand. 

If you're in need of help with graphics, SEO, or other Marketing initiatives, drop us a line and we'd be happy to discuss your efforts.

Websites We Love

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and we all know what that means: love is in the air. At DMI, our true love will always be great websites. What are these great websites, you say? We're glad you asked.


Google is the bread and butter of online marketing, so of course they are in our favorites. But there's a reason they have such an impact. 
  • They have a simple design. Their search interface is clean and un-cluttered. 
  • They're consistent. The search interface and search results that you know and love as Google has remained relatively unchanged for the last decade. Which means users know exactly how and where to find the information they're looking for.
  • They know what they're the best at. They know their strengths and stick to them.


  • They're innovative. Case in point: Amazon Prime and Amazon Dash. They have also begun generating their own content. To us, there's nothing better than innovation.
  • They're customer-centric. Amazon will always go above and beyond to attract new customers and to maintain loyalty within their current customer base. Offering quicker service through Prime is the perfect example of this.
  • Convenience. Let's face it, we all need convenience in our lives. Amazon provides quick and easy shopping for just about anything.


You didn't think Marketers could leave out this social media giant, did you? Facebook effectively changed the way the world communicates.
  • Facebook changed the way we communicate with our friends and family. Gone are the days of phone calls for updates on our lives or sifting through a stack of photos from important events. And now, for better or for worse, your friends and family see MORE of your lives.
  • Facebook changed the way we get our news. Its immediacy allows us to know what is happening not only in our community, but around the world, without waiting for the next news segment to air or the following day's newspaper to be released.
  • Facebook changed the way consumers and brands interact. The platform allows for a stronger way for businesses to connect with their customers and attract potential customers. Likewise, it allows for customers to stay up-to-date and to make informed decisions.


  • Craigslist changed the way consumers buy and sell. As an online classifieds section, we no longer need newspapers to sell, buy, or rent anything: home goods, vehicles, real estate, and vehicles
  • It's simple, free, and localized. Meaning, anyone can use it, and  it's easy and convenient to make nearby exchanges.


  • Etsy is a great way for artists and home businesses to sell their niche products online, which allows them to make a greater profit:
  • Which means sellers can receive recognition for their work and build a greater audience they otherwise wouldn't be able to reach.
  • They have a simple, easy-to-use sales process, making purchases convenient for customers.

Need to implement some of these themes in your website? We'd love to chat.

Give Your Website a Fresh Start

We've all heard the phrase "New year, new you," right? When you think of this sentiment, are you including all aspects of your life - personal and professional? While you diligently try to stick to health and financial resolutions in your personal life, don't forget the importance of a "new year, new you" mentality in your business, particularly for you website, which is likely the first impression people get of your brand. Your website deserves a fresh start this year too.

Is your website looking tired and dull? Consider giving it a redesign makeover. An updated look will catch your viewers' attention, which will result in more visits or longer sessions. The return to minimalism trend in web design makes sites visually appealing and easier to navigate. This trend often features clean, uncluttered pages with more white space and pops of bright color. Consider slimming down large chunks of content or moving them elsewhere on your site to free up space on the home page. A one sentence summary or bullet points with a hover-over section for additional content is a great option for clearing up space.

This is also the time to update your logo or color scheme if they have changed. If there has been any rebranding, you'll want to make sure all pieces of communication are consistent. Use this time to decide if you want to change the color, size, or shape of buttons or text segments.

To really refresh your website, don't stop after updating visuals. Now is the time to dig deep and give your content an overhaul. Is there any new information you want to share with your audience? Add in any new services or products you offer or any changes in them, including prices. Has your business itself gone through any major changes such as hours or locations? Have you won any awards or received some good press? Be proud of it and share it with the world! If you don't currently have a news or updates section, add one.

On that same note, remove any information that should no longer be shared. If there is anything outdated or no longer relevant still up on your site, be sure to take that down. This may be event information, staff bios, discontinued products or services, or information regarding previous years or seasons. Go ahead and remove outdated pictures at this time as well. Better yet, replace them with some that are more current.

Let's take these updates one step further. Don't stop at only updating irrelevant information. Work more keywords in your content (but don't over do it and get a spammy page) to rank higher in Search. If you run a local business, be sure to include some location-based terms to not only make it clear where you conduct business, but also for your services to show up specifically in local searches.

Ok, so all these suggestions are all important when you want to give a good website a great redesign. But what if you need to start completely fresh? Perhaps an entirely new website is in order.

We'd like to introduce Runwaysite websites! Runwaysites are the answer to getting your small business on the map - especially if you've never had a website before.

If you've ever questioned if you even need a website, the answer is yes. Trust us, the answer is yes. No matter the size of your company, it needs a website to be a 24/7 promotion tool. If you're not online, you're losing business from potential customers who can't find you. A Runwaysite is the perfect starting place and we'll make sure you aren't overwhelmed.

Runwaysite websites are affordable, yet quality, one-page sites that are completely customizable, and content is 100% client-controlled. They are a streamlined way to update an outdated version of a website or one that may not look as professional as you want to appear. As a one-page site, they are also a convenient option to use as a secondary website for promoting your business at events or trade shows. Add a link or QR code to your new website on banners or pamphlets so attendees can scroll through the most important details you want highlighted at events or shows, or to quickly and easily contact you for additional information.

Does your website need a new look or a completely fresh start for 2016? Contact us today - we'd love to chat.

Top 12 Facebook Updates of 2015

The social media world is constantly evolving. Sometimes, it feels like there is an update or new feature announced every day. We're looking at you, Facebook. With so many changes, it can be easy to miss or forget about a feature. At the very least, they can start blurring together. Whether you need a refresher, or you'd like to take a stroll down 2015 memory lane, we've got you covered with a 12 Days of Christmas-inspired list of our top 12 favorite Facebook updates of 2015.


While Messenger certainly wasn't a new feature this year, it has seen a significant number of updates. The three we'd like to focus on are:
  • Payments via Messenger
  • Pages responding to comments privately
  • Pages saving message templates
In March, Facebook announced that users would be able to send money via Messenger. This free and secure service allows users to exchange money without being face to face. The sender and recipient simply enter their debit card information in the payment section of a new message and the funds transfer to/from the attached accounts.

In August, Facebook made it possible for Pages to respond to their customers' comments privately via Messenger. Next to the comment, a message will appear saying the comment has been responded to privately to show the concern has not been ignored. This move makes social customer service quick and efficient. A Brand can address concerns without asking Followers to contact them a second time, and this makes it easier to solve questions regarding personal information.

In the same efficiency vein, Facebook announced the same month that Pages would be able to save message templates. This allows Brands to answer FAQ quickly without taking the time to re-type the same response over and over.


Do you see where we're going with this? Facebook has made several improvements to advertising to make Marketing on the platform easier.

  • Targeted product ads
  • Dynamic cross-platform advertising
  • Custom audience tools
  • A/B ad testing
In February, Facebook introduced a way for advertisers to better promote their products. Targeted product ads allow advertisers to promote multiple products or their entire catalog at once. It also enabled advertisers to target a specific audience, particularly users who have previously visited the Brand's website. 

Dynamic cross-platform advertising helps advertisers best reach their audience. This feature enables Brands to reach their audience on any of their devices, regardless which device they initially saw the content on. It shows users ads for products they are interested in or that they have searched for on the company's website, and automatically optimizes ads by device.

Custom Audience Tools is another way Facebook is helping advertisers develop their target audience. This feature allows Brands to create an audience based on activity on their website or based on users' purchase history. Targeting the right audience makes the ads more relevant to the users and worthwhile to the Marketers.

In April, Facebook introduced PlanOut, a set of tools designed for running online field experiments. These tools allow advertisers to change an ad's demographics without changing the content. This means advertisers can test how content performs with different audiences, which provides valuable user information.


In November, Facebook released Notify, a notifications app currently for iPhone users. Notify enables push notifications for news from topics the user is interested in. Users can select which subjects to receive notifications from and can share via text or social networks via the lock screen. This app keeps users to up-to-date all day on news stories without searching for an article or scrolling through a news feed.


In October, Facebook announced they had introduced and were testing Reactions with users in Ireland and Spain. This feature offers six emoji (love, haha, yay, wow, sad, angry) that users can respond to a status update with. Reactions allow users to interact with content beyond "Liking" or commenting. When Followers use these Reactions, Brands will be able to better understand how their audience responds to their content.

News Feed Controls

In July, Facebook updated how users view their news feed. Users can now choose which friends' and brands' content to see first, as well as find new pages to follow. This gives the user control over their news feed, making it a more personalized experience. For Marketers, however, it means that creating original, engaging content is more important than ever to keep their audience interested. 

Instant Articles

In May, Facebook introduced Instant Articles. Instant Articles is a fast, interactive way for users to read articles directly from their news feed and load 10 times faster than standard mobile web articles. By making articles easier to read, Marketers gain more control over their content, and have more opportunities for their Followers to interact with them.

360 Video

In September, 360 degree videos were introduced to Facebook. These videos allow users to see visual information from every angle. Marketers can now ensure their audience sees the full picture easily and in one video. The use of video is growing rapidly, and this update can change the way visual content impacts Marketing.

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