Customized Websites are Better for Business

Throughout the course of doing business we meet folks who think a website template is a great fit for business.  Nothing gets us up on our soapbox quicker than misinformation about how great these templates are.  They're bad for the web, bad for business, and bad for you.  Excuse us while we jump up on our soapbox and settle the record.


As innovators in the blending of art and technology, we truly believe in custom website creations for everyone.  And, we certainly understand that creating a website for your brand can be a daunting endeavor.  Standing at the fork in the road, you can go the custom route or the Template/Cookie Cutter/Build My Own/One-Size-Fits-All direction.  We think you'll agree that custom is better for business.  Allow us to illustrate.

The Sky is the Limit

Templated designs are a quick way to get "something" up on the web.  You can pop in your logo, maybe change the colors, and add content for your audience.  However, a major issue many owners experience with an "out of the box" website is the limited design capabilities.

A custom website  will certainly have your logo, but that's just the beginning.  Images, colors and content that truly reflect your brand are carefully chosen to engage your audience and let them experience your brand.  We love to pop in our Content Management Systems as a way to allow brands to enter into continual communication with their audience as well.

And, that daunting process?  It's not so scary with an industry expert walking the road along side of your business.  Our Account Executives have more than 15 years of experience creating robust Internet solutions for our clients.

Online Marketing

Cookie cutter templates may not be optimized to be easily found on search engines.  Typically, they have extraneous coding in them as well as references to the template creator.  A custom website is all about you--your brand, your business, your marketing.  What's not to love about you?  Amiright?

When creating custom sites, we also add specific keywords within your website to make it easier for Google to find and categorize you.  We can also ensure your Google map, location and info are correct on Google--an important feature for your customers and your bottom line.  The template guys are just happy they sold another cookie-cutter.

Our custom websites also easily integrate Facebook pages, Twitter updates, or any other social media platform you are current leveraging for business.  This helps to create a cohesive all-in-one marketing tool for your brand.


Your business' future is limited by template websites.  Truly, a template is a box that is difficult, if not impossible, to bust out of.  And, when the time comes (and it surely will) for you to add on to your website, whose task-list does this item get added to?  Hint:  You'll find them in your mirror.

With a custom website, features,  pages and e-commerce can all easily be added when the time is right.  And, since we designed your website in the first place, there is no head-scratching or finger-pointing when it's time to add on.  We simply get to work.


A web template is WAY cheaper than a custom solution, so why continue preaching about the benefits?

What if I told you the cost is less than you think?*

What if I said DMI Studios creates high-end custom solutions, every day, for business (and budgets) large and small?  I'm talking full, custom, interactive websites with custom design and our Content Management System fully integrated so you can manage your site.

That's a serious interactive marketing solution.

What about ecom.?  Yep.

The "templates are great" myth is busted!

What are you waiting for?  Creating custom websites is our specialty.  And, it's fun, too.

Want to see how your website stacks up?  We'll be brutally honest.


*What do you mean the cost of a template and custom website are similar?  Well, templates may be a bit cheaper, but they may be holding you back with poor conversion, poor representation of your brand, and limited scalability.  The designer/programmer/marketing professional for your template is YOU.  You're choosing between working on your business or creating your website.  Our websites come with a team of designers, marketers, and industry experts helping you along every step of the way.  And, we don't build it and forget it. We're here to help launch-day, 10-days after launch, and 10 months after launch and beyond.