iGenius - Online Training, a Case Study

You might think that an online training system that provides courses for a wide variety of employees and situations in a large geographic area sounds like a pie-in-the sky idea--too expensive and too time consuming.  You'd be wrong! DMI Studios' iGenius is an online training system that helped Construction Resource Management do just that!

Construction Resource Management (CRM) is a Wisconsin-based captive service provider for three construction companies specializing in asphalt, bridges and overpasses: Payne and Dolan, Northeast Asphalt and Zenith Tech. These companies strive to provide top-notch infrastructure construction throughout Wisconsin and Michigan.  CRM worked with DMI to develop websites for each of their companies and during the course of a general strategy session, the pipe-dream of web-based employee training came up. We suggested iGenius and the plan took off!

iGenius - a diamond in the rough

In 2004, DMI Studios created iGenius --a customizable framework that encompasses the essential elements businesses need in a training program--scalability, cost effectiveness and consistency.  DMI built the iGenius solution to easily adapt to a multitude of situations including human resources, sales training, education, or any situation where a web-based learning program is needed.

By implementing the iGenius solution, CRM now facilitates online training in a slide-show manner for their employees..  The training courses can incorporate any combination of audio, video, Flash, text and/or images.  Each training session is then followed up with a test to measure comprehension.  CRM can easily log in to the iGenius solution to see which employees have watched various training sessions, taken tests and quizzes and, ultimately, passed the course.

Flexible to meet business needs

The genius that is iGenius, is the flexibility and freedom CRM has within the framework. Site Administrators have the ability to: 
  • Upload employee info and download employee course scores.

  • Assign employees to courses or certificates (groups of courses) by company, area, job position or individually.

  • Grant access to employees to take courses at any time, from any computer connected to the Internet.

  • Create courses from existing or new materials.

  • Add variations on the same question to ensure that, when a quiz is retaken to taken by another employee, it's slightly different,

  • View reports that provide data on employees, courses and comprehension tests.

  • Input offline course scores so all employee data resides in one place.

Scalable for any situation

CRM uses the iGenius solution in conjunction with classroom training, for internal training and OSHA required training.  So far, CRM's iGenius solution has over 1,100 users and 60 courses. Some example courses are: 
  • About Our Company

  • Entry Level DOT/CDL Driver Training

  • Defensive Driving

  • Harassment in the Workplace

  • Aerial Lift Safety

  • First Aid

In addition, the iGenius solution is tied into CRM's employee Intranet. This creates one central location for employees to take courses, get employee forms and info, view project photo galleries, and any relevant company information.

In all, the iGenius solution has been a great asset for CRM.  "Utilizing the iGenius system has allowed us to provide cost efficient, customized training to our employees," says Dawn Pratt, Human Resources Manager / EEO Officer for CRM.  "In addition we are able to post documents, photos albums of workers, important information, benefit forms and a host of other important employee related information that creates a one-stop shop for our employees.  It has worked out to be a very beneficial endeavor for both the company and the employee. Working with DMI has been a dream and they are so receptive to make it work just like we want it!"

It's just one more way DMI Studios builds more than websites--we build business!

If you'd like to see a test drive of the iGenius solution, we'd love to have you kick the tires, so to speak. Contact us today!