Creating a Mobile Strategy - Mobile Websites

Mobile browsing is the future--there is no more hiding from that fact.  The question before you is, how do you, as a brand, prepare for it?  As with any transition in business, a strategic plan will guide you from where you are now, to where you need to be.

Establish Your Goals

The forecast:

The majority of your internet audience will be accessing (or trying to access) your brand on a mobile device.  They will succeed (and you will, too) or they will fail and then find a competitor that's beat you to the mobile punch.  Unfortunately, there is very little gray area here.

The question(s):

  1. How will you get from where you are now, to a fully-mobile friendly brand?  

  2. What kind of timeline is your brand looking to achieve?

  3. How do you want mobile customers to interact with your brand?

Imagining the future will help you to see exactly what you're looking to achieve.  When creating your strategy, there are two paths to consider.

  1. A mobile-friendly website

  2. Apps that will make interacting with your brand easy
Today, we'll begin by discussing a mobile website and how it is an important part of your mobile strategy.

A Mobile Website

The question many business professionals have is why they need a modified web design in order to adjust from desktop to mobile screens.  

Simply put, the orientation of a mobile screen (phones are way smaller than a desktop) can leave people scrolling up-and-down and left-to-right and zooming in and out on content areas on your current website.  The information you want visitors to have primary access to will be cumbersome for visitors to find while scrolling all over the place.  A mobile-friendly design makes viewing your website easy on the eyes, whether desktop, tablet or cell phone.

In addition, a mobile website can also streamline any processes on your site (say, a shopping cart or signup form) to be quickly and easily filled out, usually in fewer steps, again, making your site more user-friendly.

The goal of all of this is to make the experience of your website the best it can be, no matter the technology your visitors are using to come to your site.
When creating a mobile website, your team should look through the site and determine the areas that can be streamlined, cut down and simplified for mobile fingers.  The goal is helping your audience get to the product or information they want quickly and easily.

Interested in some great mobile websites?

Check out Dominos Pizza and see how they made online ordering easy (too easy, for some of us):

Dominos put themselves in the shoes of hungry consumers and streamlined the pizza ordering process making it quick and easy to become a customer in seconds.   


Stay tuned as we discuss Mobile Apps later in the week!