Is Your Website on the Naughty Or Nice List?

Santa Claus is coming to town. Will your website earn you a shiny, new toy for landing on the Nice list, or will you get a giant lump of coal for landing on the Naughty list?

If you're not sure how to tell where your website lands, we're here to help with three guaranteed ways to end up on each list.

Naughty List

  • Not being Responsive (mobile-friendly) - enough with making your customers pinch and zoom already! They'll abandon your site, or worse, Google will penalize it (if they haven't already).
  • Use of Flash - Depending on your device, Flash could leave a broken image on your website. Plus, it's strictly forbidden on iOS.
  • Text-heavy design - Too much text is overwhelming to the eye. Break your content into digestible chunks, and eliminate the fluff, so your visitors want to read your content

       Social media bonus

  • posting ad nauseam without a strategy - If you're posting on social, it should be relevant and purposeful. "Happy Monday!" just won't cut it if you want to be seen - especially organically.

Nice List

  • Image-centric design - Include visually appealing images to catch your visitor's attention, and to leave a strong impression of your business. Your website will look sharp and contemporary.
  • Optimized for SEO - If no one can find your website on search engines, what's the point of having it? Update your meta tags, work keywords into site content, and keep close tabs on Google Search Console. Read more here, and here.
  • Quick Load Times - You've only got a few seconds before people lose patience and abandon your site. Make sure you're using correct image sizes to help keep load times minimal.

      Social media bonus

  • Strong engagement - If you have an active social media presence, you're doing something right. If your customers are engaging regularly with your account, you're definitely doing something right.

Is your website on the Naughty List this year? Give us a call, and we'd be happy to make sure you're on the Nice list in 2017!