DMI Studios Works Collaboratively to Build Business: Case Study

A custom web design, logo creation, marketing plan and an impressive amount of tourism-related experience allowed DMI Studios to create the best interactive presence for the Florence County Tourism and Economic Development brand.

Florence Country Tourism and Economic Development is located in picturesque northeast Wisconsin about 2 hours north Green Bay.  Florence Co. knew they needed a revitalized website to better serve their target-market for tourism.  Their current website was laden with government-related information for current residents of the county.  However, a website that specifically served the tourism industry was needed.

As Florence County began creating their Request For Proposals, they soon realized they didn't have a clear marketing plan, logo or direction for their brand.  They leveraged  DMI Studios to help them through the marketing and brand identity process.

Brad Gegare, of DMI Studios, worked with Florence County every step of the way.  Brad spent time walking Florence Co. through the entire marketing process.  Brad has 6 years of experience in the tourism industry and more than 15 years experience in Marketing.

Florence County saw they had a true collaborator in DMI Studios.  Once work began, DMI created a vision for  Florence Co. to market their brand and a logo that would speak to their tourism audience.    When the marketing was in place, DMI worked to create a robust website that would be updated with relevant Events, News and a stream from their Facebook feed in addition to important tourism-related information.

“DMI Studios' design staff helped us perfect our logo with rotating icons and colors that are eye- catching and reflective of the great outdoors,” said Wendy Gelhoff, Director for Florence County Economic Development.

DMI Studios also helped to map out the necessary web pages to best serve tourists.  Along with the new web design, the administrative section of the website  featured DMI's proprietary Content Management System that enables website owners to continually update their website.  The easy-to-use tools enable a website experience that is relevant, trending and up-to-the-minute with information for internet users.

“The best part about the whole experience is how easily new content is added through the many custom Content Management Tools designed for each of our unique pages.  When the final site was ready, Brad came up to train us and in one hour we were ready to go,” said Wendy Gellhoff.

DMI Studios has an unmatched combination of website pre-planning, strategy, design expertise, content management options, search engine optimization and customer service.  The end result is a user-friendly website that is easily updated by site owners and works day and night to build business!

Websites are only as good as they are found and utilized by the wider public.  DMI Studios prides itself on creating websites that are user and search-engine friendly.  Wendy noted that “The first quarterly review of our site performance metrics showed a huge improvement in our site being located (on search engines). We have received many compliments on our new website from both tourism users and from our local business owners because we are driving new business to them from our website.”

Sounds like a hole in one for the tourism industry in Florence County, WI.

The Florence County Tourism and Economic Development website launched in February 2012.

DMI Studios works to create the best interactive solutions to fit the needs of your unique industry.  Call us today to learn how DMI can help build your business.