Internet 101 - Laws of Search Engine Attraction

Understanding Search Engine Optimization is a full-time job--literally.  DMI Studios has an in-house Marketing Specialist to assist all of our clients with interactive marketing, beginning with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization is working to create a website that is easily found on search engines.   SEO is the natural positioning within search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google.

Each search engine has a different way at looking at websites--this is called their algorithm.  SEO works to ensure your website has the specific features each algorithm is looking for.

Search engine placement is important!  Let's imagine, a valued client of ours, FleaBDead,  sells diamond studded flea collars.  The market for these products is huge and the demand is high, so we want to be sure people can find this website.


In working with FleaBDead, we look at their product and determine how John Q. Public is planning to use a Search Engine to find their website.  Johnny will probably search for "diamond flea collar," "diamond studded flea collar" and "flea collar."  We ensure these phrases are included throughout the website we create for them.

Johnny probably won't know these flea collars by name.  So the name of client's company, "FleaBDead" is of lesser importance here.  

So, we add the words the public may use to find these products to the titles throughout their website.  A title is found at the very top of your browser.  It is also the first line listed in search results.  So, we'd add "Diamond Studded Flea Collars - FleaBGone" to their title--important words first. This covers all of their important search terms.  


Search engines look to other trusted websites to see if they should trust your website--thus reducing the chance you're simply a SPAM website.  When a big-name pet store links to FleaBGone, it's like giving search engines a "thumbs up" about our site.  Win!  The more of these great links, the better for our client!  Although, not for the fleas.

The words that are used in these links are also important.  The pet store linking to our client's site with "Diamond Studded Flea Collars" will help search engines to further categorize us within the realm of diamond studded flea collars.  Linking to our client with "FleaBDead" doesn't do that.  So, we help our clients be picky about their links.

Ever Growing

Websites that are continually adding content and gaining links are noticed by search engines.  It's like the popular kid in school who keeps gaining attention by his following.  Search engines take note of these popular kids.   We help websites become popular with our Content Management Systems and by integrating blogs when they are a good fit.

Our Approach

DMI Studios has a specific approach when working to optimize a website.  First, a website is created using a clean coding and design (major disadvantage for template-websites).  Next, DMI works with each client to ensure the content on each web page is valuable to your audience and has those important search terms (or keywords) related to your business.

Once the website is launched, we collaborate with our clients to work on increasing search engine leads for their website.  This could entail modifying the copy on specific under-performing pages on the site, working to create better links to your website or adding code in the back end informing search engines about the content of your website.  All in an effort to help your audience find you!

This is just the beginning of Search Engine Optimization.  If you're looking for ways to increase your website's SEO, we'd be happy to help!