Internet 101 - Mobile App vs. Mobile Website

This post is the first in a series of Internet 101 information topics. As always, when class is dismissed, you're welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like any additional information. If you don't feel at the head of your class, don't worry, we took notes.

Do you need an app for that? Apps get all the love these days, but what is an app and do you need one for your website? First, we'll ask Mr. Webster:

Mobile App – An app is a program that is downloaded from an app store onto a user's phone. Apps are typically focused on one task (customer service, social media, entertainment, training, or informational).
Mobile Website – A mobile website resides on the internet and your audience can navigate to it through a browser. It is a streamlined for efficient loading and viewing from mobile devices.
Here's a side-by-side comparison:

It can be difficult to determine if an app or a mobile website is best suited for your business needs. Each application has unique qualities that can grant your idea success.

In a majority of cases, a mobile website is the best bet for business. However, apps are extremely powerful when used in the proper cases. Just take a gander at the 50 Best iPhone Apps of 2012 by TIME magazine.

Are you brainstorming an app or mobile website?  We'd love to chat with you about your options!

Here are a few apps we can't live without:

Angry Birds 
of course

Google Sky Map
we star-gaze as well as naval-gaze

this one is just fun

should I bring my son to the doctor or not...

keeps copywriting sharp

a true genius takes copious notes

the ultimate in multitasking

home or away? who's out of the game? 

long wait at the doctor? why not watch a movie?

Baby Rattle
don't you dare judge us...we love technology and teach our babies to, too

Mobile websites that are frequent stops:
daily news stop
book fettish
football fettish
pizza fettish
fan apparel fettish

What's on your phone?