The story of our brand. 

Digital-Magic hit the ground running in 1994, as surfers of the World Wide Web carried brick phones instead of cellphones and the sound of a dial up connection was music to their ears. They would hop on the Internet Super Highway (with a 56K connection) armed with AOL keywords (and something to keep them occupied as their webpage would load), they waited for their computers to exclaim, You've got mail!

We were interacting with others online, so it seemed apt to modify our name to Digital Magic Interactive.

In the next few years, the internet grew up (a lot!) and we did too. In 2001, we rebranded as DMiNTERACTIVE-- a full-service agency offering a breadth of solutions for our clients. Banner ads, search engine keywords, search engine optimization, content management, and wider pixel screens defined this era. Finally a website could bust out 800 pixels and really tell a story! Website owners could update their sites without knowing a foreign (to them) language. The internet was booming!  And people still called us "DMI".

As we enter into 2013, the Internet is now on every street corner, classroom, living room, purse and pocket. We pull out our smartphones to order pizza and download a movie. Cellphones have changed the landscape once again. Websites need to be mobile. Apps help us track the milage of our run and find the lowest gas prices in town. We get our email, weather, news, movies on the go—and we tell everyone about it with social media. Some think it's beautiful. Some think it's madness. Call us crazy, but we think it's art that fits in your palm of your hand.

You see, we've hit our stride as well. And we don't care if you call us names. Although, we'd prefer it to be our new name.

Introducing:  DMI Studios 

A studio is a place that blends art and technology to make something of value. To us, that sounds familiar. At varying levels, every one of our projects is about form and function, left-brain and right-brain, beauty and geek.

We create custom solutions for our clients and each one comes standard with a mega dose of customer service.   If you know exactly what you're looking for or if you need help assessing your situation, we've got you covered.