Does My Website Suck, Part 2

At DMI Studios, we love helping people take an honest look at their site to see what, if anything, needs to be improved upon.  And we've decided to share some of the aspects we look at with you, dear reader.  Consider it an early Christmas gift!

Throughout all of these tips you'll see one common theme--the key to a great website is one that builds KLT - Know, Like, and Trust.  

Now, let's begin Part 2:

4.  Web Positioning Checkup

Being found online is key to your website's success.  What search terms are most important to you?  Armed with your list of important "keywords," take the the search engines and see exactly where you end up.  

Then, take to the search engines once more to see if any of your competitors are out-ranking you for your coveted list of keywords.  If so, be sure to add relevant content throughout your website that contains these search terms.

Finally, check out your web analytics (we'll discuss that shortly) and see how customers are actually finding you website.  The terms they are using to find you might be different than what you thought. We've discussed search engine marketing in the past.  Go ahead and get a refresher if you need to. We'll wait.

If your audience is using terms that are a bit different than you thought, it may be time to re-work some of your website's content to rank higher for those search terms.

One final note:  We mentioned Bing's "Bing It On" in the recently as well.  While the tool is used to test drive Bing vs. Google, it would also be a great place to do your keyword research.  Simply type in the term you're interested in and see where your website lands.

5.  Analytics

We mention Analytics in a bit more detail in today's post "Gift Your Website."  Simply digging into your analytics will give you a wealth of information about your current website.  Check out the Analytics blog post for more information.

6.  Local Directories

Potential customers are looking for you.  And, if you have a bricks-and-mortar business that you'd like them to find, claiming your location is essential.  Claiming a local address is easy to do and just takes a bit of your time.
For more detailed information on local directories, see our Local Search blog post.


Stay tuned for more tips as we help you decide, "Does my website suck?" or, view Part 1 in this series.