Gift Your Website - Analytics

With all of the talk about gifts for friends and loved ones this holiday season, we'd like to remind you to spread the love to your website as well.  Each day up until Christmas we'll give you a simple idea you can implement to spread the love to your website.


The first step in improving your website in any way is to see where it's at right now.  Website analytics hold the key to really "knowing" your website.  Things like:

  • How many visitors come each month?
  • How are they finding my website?
  • What websites link to mine?
  • What search terms are they using to find me?
  • What pages are they visiting most often?

The information here will paint a very clear picture of how your website is doing.  Most websites come standard with an analytics program.  If you don't have one, check out Google Analytics.  It's free and only takes a snippet of code to be added to your site to begin your analytical journey.

Warning:  Once you begin checking out your website stats, you may become addicted to the powerful data therein.

Stay tuned for more gift your website ideas.