Gift Your Website - Size Does Matter

With all of the talk about gifts for friends and loved ones this holiday season, we'd like to remind you to spread the love to your website as well.  Each day up until Christmas we'll give you a simple idea you can implement to spread the love to your website.


Image Sizes

We are a visual people.  A picture truly is worth a thousand words.  So, don't torture your audience by uploading original photos to your website.

Step 1- Resolution

A picture's resolution is the number of tiny dots (pixels) per inch.  The higher the resolution, the sharper the image.  This matters BIG TIME if you're printing a photo or creating a billboard.  However, computer screens are setup to display 72 pixels per inch.  No more.  

Step 2 - Size

Secondly, most photos for your website can be much smaller than the originals from a digital camera.  If you're not sure of the image size, a great way to find out is to open an existing image from your website.  Right-click the image and select "Open Image In New Window".  In many browsers, the image name and pixel dimensions will be displayed just above the address bar on your browser.


If you're a pro, you may have Adobe Photoshop or Photo Elements.  If not, simply do a search for "image resizing" and you'll find a number of free and paid solutions.

There's no more excusing a website with slow load times.  Image resizing takes just a couple quick minutes when you're uploading a new image to your website.  So, do your audience a favor and take care of those pixel-heavy images.


Stay tuned for more gift your website ideas.