Gift Your Website - Social Media Links

With all of the talk about gifts for friends and loved ones this holiday season, we'd like to remind you to spread the love to your website as well.  Each day up until Christmas we'll give you a simple idea you can implement to spread the love to your website.


Social Media Boom

You've decided to take the plunge into social media.  Congratulations!  Or, if you're one of the few that has been too afraid to put your toe in the water, go ahead and give it a try in 2013!  

Once you've begun using social media, get the word out!  Put some small buttons with links to your social media haunting grounds.  Or, better yet, put a feed of your Twitter or Facebook updates on the sidebar of your website.  This gives your audience a taste for what they'd be missing out on if they don't follow you on social media.

Social Media Buttons

Quality Content

As a bonus "gift" we'd like to remind you of two social media rules that we try to live by as you're out there swimming in the proverbial social media water cooler:

  1. Quality content is always better than quantity content.

  2. Social Media is about being a gift to others; the focus shouldn't be on you.

Remember, link up your social media outlets to help your audience connect with you!


Stay tuned for more gift your website ideas.