Gift Your Website - Content is King

With all of the talk about gifts for friends and loved ones this holiday season, we'd like to remind you to spread the love to your website as well.  Each day up until Christmas we'll give you a simple idea you can implement to spread the love to your website.


Content editing on a website is a big job.  But, if taken a small task at a time, it becomes manageable. Many of the tasks below are site-wide and will easily be changed in the CSS code of your website.  One change will modify all of the content on your website.


Be sure you're using font/background colors that are easy-to-read.  This seems obvious, but there are certainly a few offenders out there still.

Having trouble reading this text?
Don't do this to your audience.


The text on your website should not be too small that it's difficult to read.  Also, the paragraphs on the site should not be too lengthly.  A good rule of thumb is no more than 6 sentences per paragraph.  Of course there are exceptions, but it's a good general guide.

Use bulleted lists or numbered lists help to keep the content skim-able.  Content that is easy to scan is  more likely to be read in its entirety.  

Finally, be sure to add sub-headings where appropriate.  

Call to Action

Compelling content is content that asks your audience to act.  A call to action is essential to help your audience perform your desired action; whether it's subscribing to your blog, downloading a white paper, or signing up for your newsletter.

Remember that the Calls to Action that are the smallest steps forward (i.e. subscribing to a newsletter) will have a better chance at success.  Whereas a big leap forward (i.e. contact forms) are more difficult to get a potential customer to do on their first visit.


Links on your website need to be working properly in order to keep your audience happy.  There is nothing worse than a broken website.  As you add links to your website you should test the links to be sure they are actively working.

In addition, many large websites subscribe to a link checking service that periodically follows all of the links on a website to ensure they are still working.  Then, any links that are broken will be sent in an email to the website owner.  This makes managing a bigger website a lot easier.


We've all had a spelling error from time to time, but consistent spelling issues are website hangups as well.  Most browsers have a spell check integrated, now.  However, if yours does not, be sure to pass the content through a spell check before going live.

In addition, after writing content, step away from your desk for a moment or so.  Then, come back and read what you're just written once more before publishing.  Remember, your website is an extension of your brand!  Always put your best face forward.


Stay tuned for more gift your website ideas.