Jumping in to Social Media

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Have you thought about venturing into social media but don't know how to begin?  Or, are you knee-deep in social media but wondering if it's working?

Here's a refresher to set your social media in 2013 off right!

1.  Set your goals.

What are your goals for social media success?  As with any off-line marketing effort you'll want to know what you're looking to achieve in order to call the social media campaign a "success."

A great first goal is simply increased traffic to your website.  Increasing time spent on your website per visitor, blog posts read and comments on them as well as increasing social media connections are all great markers to track.

Then, decide how often you'll check in on these metrics.  When any new campaign begins, it's easy to check in daily, even hourly to see how it's progressing.  Increasing your brand's presence online is not something that is accomplished overnight.  Have fun checking in on the statistics, but don't micro-manage.  Quarterly is a great bet here.

2.  Where to?

Decide which social media platforms you'd like to utilize.  Do you know where your current customers hang out online?  Or, is there a group of prospects you'd like to approach?  If so, where can you find them online?  The answers to those questions will define the social media sites for you to spend the most time on.

Once you've decided which sites you'll be using, be sure to create a well-rounded profile.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Marketing should match marketing on your website
  • Fill out as much "about" info as possible
  • Make your brand as "personal" as you can- there are people who work there, right?

3.  Get Schooled

If a social media website is new to you, don't let that stop you.  Allow your search engine to be your guide!  Simply type in any question you have such as, "What size are profile pictures on Facebook?" or "What does # mean on Twitter?"

There are many free resources out there to get you up and running in no time!  Don't be afraid simply because something is new.

4.  Connect!

Begin making connections with friends, customers and prospects.  Ultimately, social media is social; so, post responses, interact and BE social.  Here are a few tips we've picked up along the way:

  • Remember to build KLT - Know, Like, and Trust- of your brand
  • Interact with others--don't simply use SM as a megaphone
  • Post content your customers would find helpful most of the time
  • Post content that is *sales* oriented only once a week or so
  • Post a bit of lighthearted content as well (remember, to be social)
We hope 2013 will be a social media success for you!