Mobile Browsing Statistics 2012

We all know we should be paying more attention to mobile internet browsing and its impact on our business.  But, how much more attention should we be giving it?

The Current Landscape of U.S. Mobile Devices

As with any trends, these numbers may change, but it is always nice to know where we're at now.

Remember when Nokia was an industry leader in early 2000?  As smartphones took over, the company failed to keep up and, for all intents and purposes, dropped off the face of the Earth.  It appears they're back and hoping to become a global leader once again.

Mobile Browsing vs. Desktop

"Mobile browsing" includes tablet devices which, for many, may soon replace their laptops/desktops.

Looking at the side-by-side comparison, it appears that mobile browsing only accounts for about 13% of overall online traffic.  However, like the explosion of the Internet in the 90's, this is simply the infancy of mobile browsing.

Morgan Stanley has predicted that, by 2014, globally, mobile internet browsing will surpass desktop search.  That would mean exponential growth is on the horizon.

Major shifts occur from time to time in online business.  One day, an is born and, the next day, an AOL is forgotten.  Mobile browsing represents one such shift.

It's time to take mobile browsing seriously.  In the next 30 days, we'll be looking at tools, tricks and ideas to help with your mobile Internet presence.