Mobile App Strategies - More Goals

You're already considering a Mobile App as part of your brand's mobile strategy, and you're beginning to look at goals.  We've discussed Shopping Ease and Brand Loyalty.  Here are some additional goals for Mobile Apps that add value:

Service Add-Ons

An app can improve upon an existing product or service.  We've discussed Cadillac's MyCadillac app that offers additional service to their existing customers.  Another example is the increasing number of banks that allow customers to simply take a picture of their checks in order to deposit them from a mobile device. 


The key here is looking at your brand's current service/product offering and enhancing it with the service of an app. Tasks and services that naturally compliment your product are the best place to start (GPS functionality for Cadillac-owners).  In addition, think about tasks or services that might further enhance your current offering (like the banking example).  The crux here is to really look to serve your customers through the ease of an app.


Creating rewards for your brand's most loyal customers is a great way to utilize an app.  The Starbucks app gives frequent coffee customers the ability to earn "Stars" as rewards towards free drinks and food.  Starbucks knows they have loyal customers, so why not reward them for their loyalty?  


If your brand has a high-frequency rate of purchase with your customers, a rewards-style app might be a great fit.  It's a whole lot better than handing out another punch card to put in their wallets.  The key is to create a program that your customers will use and benefit from frequently enough to keep up with it.  


We hope this list of App Goals will help get the wheel of possibilities spinning in your mind.  Apps are robust tools that can be an asset to your brand.  With all of the app-craze out there, be sure to take some time to weigh the value of creating an app for your brand.

If you need some help along the way, we'd be happy to chat about apps!