Mobile App Strategies - Goals

Mobile Apps should be an important consideration in your brand's mobile strategy.  Apps are not a solution for every brand, however they can be an asset when properly used.  The question many brands ask is:  How do we decide if an app is right for us?

First, remember:

The key to a successful app is one that enables your users to do something related to your brand quickly and easily.  

Anybody can churn out an app.  However, an app that adds value is a more difficult achievement.  There are a number of goals a Mobile App can achieve for your customers.

Shopping Ease

Some apps are specifically geared for mobile shopping.  Other apps are simply for order tracking and notification or to help with the decision process.  For example, Amazon has a Price Check App to make cost comparisons easy in addition to an app for shopping.  We've previously mentioned the Dominos app to order pizzas quickly and easily and Tiffany's Engagement Ring app that allows customers to throughly investigate all of their options.  These apps strive to make the a step of the purchase process easier.


Dig into your website's stats to see how many of your visitors are coming from hand-held devices.  There may be way more (or way less) than you think.  Also, investigate the sales made from these devices--size of each sale, typical items ordered, etc.  Really get to know your mobile customer.  That way, you can make the tasks he or she is already doing on your website, easier.

Brand Loyalty

The Snow Report App by The North Face helps to create brand loyalty.  Many of The North Face's customers enjoy skiing or may be planning a ski get-away.  To make their planning easier, The North Face provides an app that gives ski conditions, weather forecasts, trail maps and the ability to post a photo to their Facebook page.  And every time the app is opened, The North Face's brand is right there.  Like a trusted friend.

To Do

Get in your customers heads and habits.  Think about how they use your product or service and what types of service would compliment that.  What are your customers like?  Sometimes, creating a picture of your typical customer (demographics, preferences, hobbies, etc) can help with this process.  Then, ask yourself how your brand can bring even more service to them.


Stay tuned for more Mobile App Strategy Goal planning.