Mobile Statistics - Our Mobile Planet

Looking to get a realistic picture of mobile browsing habits?  Check out "Our Mobile Planet".  Their mission states:

The Our Mobile Planet research was commissioned by Google and conducted by Ipsos MediaCT in partnership with the Mobile Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau. provides access to the full set of data from this research through a powerful chart creation tool or the direct download of full country level data files. Businesses can use the data on the site to gain a deeper understanding of the mobile consumer and make data-driven decisions on how to use mobile to help grow their business faster.

Here's some data we found regarding people in the US and their beliefs about their phones:

The statistic we find most important is that 65% of cell phone users expect websites to be as easy to use on their mobile device as their computer. Brands, take note!

One note about the data, it represents only mobile phone usage.  However, it does not include data on tablet browsing or usage.

Go check out "Our Mobile Planet' and see what kind of mobile phone browsing stats surprise you!