Threaded Comments Coming to Facebook

If you've "Liked" a Facebook Page that has more than 10,000 Followers, you may have noticed reply threading in the comments section.

It's been a long-felt irritation that individual comments couldn't be responded to.  Rather, just a laundry list of comment after comment with @ signs used sparingly to allow commenters to discuss with one another.

Threaded comments is a common feature on many blogs and it's taken quite a bit to get Facebook on board.

The good news?  Lively debates can be hashed out right there on the Facebook page.

The bad news?  Lively debates can be hashed out right there on the Facebook page.  In increasing frequency.

For now, threaded comments can be seen on on some Facebook Pages with over 10,000 Followers (we've searched out a number of these pages, and threaded comments still weren't active yet). Facebook for mobile users can't see the threaded comments yet, as the feature is only enabled on the desktop version of the site.

Comments that are more relevant to viewers or that have a lot of dialogue are to appear higher in the comment listing while comments marked as spam will be towards the bottom.

What to see threaded comments on your Facebook Page or Profile?  That should be coming in July!

**Update - As of 2:45 PM, it looks like our Facebook Pages are able to roll out comment threading as well.  Maybe Facebook has relaxed the 10,000+ Followers parameter already...