Why Our Website Designs are Better for Tourism

Over the last few years, we've had the pleasure of working with some great Wisconsin Counties and Cities in getting their interactive presence in order.  Nothing brings us more joy then helping these counties attract businesses, tourists and those relocating through the quality information on their websites.

In honor of the upcoming Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Tourism this next week, we'd like to showcase how our websites are helping these counties take care of business.

1.  Great Design

It's easy to say that we produce websites with great design, but we'll let the websites themselves speak for themselves:

In addition to having great design, we work a little magic into those designs as well.  Allow us to explain: typically an entity will come to us and say they need a new website.  "However," they'll go on, "we share our website with the county's Economic Development and City Council.  How can we make one website to serve all three interests?"

That's a great question!  Creating a website that serves different "customers" can be a difficult task, but it's one we've tackled on many of these website designs.  The keys to directing the website traffic are having clear navigation and calls-to-action for each customer base.  Dilemma solved!

 2.  Total Customization

In addition to creating a great design, we love working with each entity to ensure their website contains all of the data and information they'd like to get out to the public.  Some of the features we have included are:

  • Facebook Integration
  • Events Calendar
  • Area Business Directory
  • Photo Gallery
  • PDF Upload (for brochures, etc)
  • Lodging Directory

Since each website is a custom solution (and not a template) these features are easy to add in for any entity that would like them.  The key here is a totally custom solution for their unique needs.

3.  One Database to Rule Them All

Another benefit to a custom website is a custom database--one that stores all of your valuable information such as Events, Photos, Business Information and other data.  This database is used everyday to feed information to your website, but it's not a one-hit wonder.
The very same database that is used to populate your website can be used for your mobile app or website!

This means no re-entering data between databases that feed your website and app!  It's a powerful tool that will help your customers get the information they need from any device they're on.  How's that for power?

4.  Turnkey Solution

Just building and maintaining a website can be a frustrating and confusing situation.  You need a web host, a web designer, an email host, someone to help design your Facebook page, an app developer and someone to help market it all once it's all live.  Whew!  Then, when the entities need to get information from one another, well you know who will be caught in-between.

DMI Studios is a complete turnkey solution.  Our motto is:
They want to build your website.  We want to build your business.
We're a one-stop shop!  We can do all of these things for you to eliminate any past headaches (remember that web-host that just.  stopped.  hosting. ?) and work to make the web creation process as seamless as possible.  With these solutions all under one roof, you won't even need to reach for the pain-reliever.


We truly love partnering with Wisconsin Counties, Cities and Parks to create custom web designs to meet their needs.  To view a number of other tourism and government-related websites we've done, check out our portfolio.